Why Do Golfers Wear Only One Glove?

Why Do Golfers Wear Only One Glove?

Although it may seem strange to outsiders there is actually a very good reason why golfers often choose to wear only one glove.

The main reason is simply for comfort and grip. Wearing two gloves can actually make it more difficult to hold on to the club and can also be quite uncomfortable in hot weather.

Additionally many golfers find that having just one glove gives them a better feel for the club and the ball.

Of course there are some players who do choose to wear two gloves particularly in cold weather.

And while there is nothing wrong with this most golfers prefer to stick with one glove whenever possible.

Why Do Golfers Not Wear Two Gloves?

There are a few reasons why golfers don’t wear two gloves. One reason is that it would be difficult to grip the club with two gloves.

Another reason is that wearing two gloves makes it more difficult to feel the club in your hand which can lead to errors in your swing.

Finally many golfers believe that wearing two gloves makes you look like a novice player.

Are Golfers Allowed To Wear Two Gloves?

There is no actual rule that states golfers are not allowed to wear two gloves. However it is generally considered bad etiquette to do so.

Some golfers may choose to wear two gloves in order to have better control of the club but it is seen as unsportsmanlike by many and can slow downplay.

Why Do Golfers Take Their Gloves Off After Every Shot?

There are actually a couple of reasons why golfers take their gloves off after every shot. 

The first reason has to do with grip.

When you’re holding the club you want to have a firm grip but you don’t want your hand to be sweaty. If your hand is sweating it’s going to slip on the club and you won’t hit the ball as well.

So by taking the glove off after each shot golfers can dry their handoff and get a better grip on the club for their next shot.

The second reason has to do with safety.

Golf clubs are metal and they can get pretty hot in the sun. If you’re holding the club and your hand starts to sweat that metal can start to burn your skin.

So by taking the glove off after each shot golfers can avoid getting a painful blister on their hands.

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