How Far Do Top Golf Balls Go?

How Far Do Top Golf Balls Go?

Topgolf uses limited-flight balls that go 10-20 yards less than a regular ball would on a golf course.

The longest target at Topgolf is typically around 200 yards, and the farthest one recorded was 215 yards.

The ranges are usually shorter than this, with some being as short as 225 yards.

Points are awarded for hitting inside the electronic circles built around each different-colored flagstick.

Has Anyone Ever Hit A Target Over 215 Yards At Topgolf?

It is theoretically possible to hit a target over 215 yards at TopGolf, however, the longest target is 215 yards away and it is harder to hit the longer targets.

The highest score achievable at TopGolf is 400 and the average score is around 95 according to their website.

What Is The Typical Range Of The Targets At Topgolf?

The typical range of the targets at Topgolf varies from close range (about 30-50 yards) to long-range (up to 200 yards).

The shortest targets are easier and give you the least amount of points, while the longer targets are harder to hit and reward more points.

Depending on the game, hitting other targets may give regular point totals or double points.

Are There Any Topgolf Locations With Ranges Shorter Than 225 Yards?

Yes, some Topgolf locations have ranges shorter than 225 yards.

For example, the range at the Ontario, CA location is only 215 yards, while other locations may have ranges as short as 25 yards.

However, the average golfer’s driving distance is usually considered to be between 280-300 yards.

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