Can A Horse Eat A Golf Ball?

Can A Horse Eat A Golf Ball?

Yes a horse can eat a golf ball.

However the horse might not like the taste of the golf ball and might end up vomiting it up.

Additionally there is a risk that the golf ball could get stuck in the horse’s digestive system which could lead to further health complications.

What Happens If A Horse Eats A Golf Ball?

If a horse ate a golf ball it could cause obstructions in its intestines.

Golf balls are designed to be hard so that they can travel long distances but this also means that they are difficult to digest.

In some cases the horse may be able to pass the golf ball without any problems but in other cases it could cause blockages or tears in the intestine which could be fatal.

In order to avoid this it is best to keep horses away from golf balls and other objects that they could potentially choke on.

What To Do If A Horse Eats A Golf Ball?

If you think your horse has eaten a golf ball the first thing to do is call your veterinarian. Golf balls are not something horses should eat and can cause serious health problems.

Your veterinarian will be able to determine if your horse has swallowed a golf ball and if so help get it out.

Depending on how long it’s been since the ball was swallowed there may be some damage that has already been done and your veterinarian may need to provide treatment.

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